Former Maine Governor says it's likely he'll run again

Published: Jul. 16, 2019 at 6:20 PM EDT
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Former Governor Paul LePage says Janet Mills is fiscally irresponsible, and he says it's likely he'll be back on the campaign trail in Maine.

LePage was at an event in Brewer Tuesday morning supporting Representative Larry Lockman in his bid against incumbent Kim Rosen for Senate District 8.

We asked LePage how he feels Mills's term has gone so far.

He says her leftist administration is following a national socialist agenda that's anti-small business and is bad news for Maine's economy.

He says,"I just think she is completely in over her head. She is irresponsible and she's going to likely have me as a challenger in 3.5 years. There's a lot of hats going around saying "LePage 2022." I'm not discouraging it."

As for the migrant crisis, LePage says, letting illegals into our country makes it harder for those who want to enter and become legal citizens.