Former Jeopardy Champ turns game show mishap into local donation

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Jessica Garsed, a former Jeopardy Champion, is helping out a local cause.

She was penalized on the show for leaving off the final 'S' in Omaha Steaks, which cost her $1,600.

That's when the Omaha Steaks company stepped in, and offered that $1,600 back, to the charity of her choice.

"I thought that was a really great gesture on their part. Because you know they didn't have to do that but not only does it show how generous they are but it also shows they have a sense of humor too. Because I actually got a note from the chairman of the company and he said he never realized how much an 's' cost," said Garsed.

Jessica chose to give the donation to the Ronald McDonald House in Bangor.

"I believe that it's really important to keep families together when people are going through medical treatment. Particularly children and I know people who've benefitted from Ronald McDonald House nationally and from Bangor. So it was kind of a no-brainer for me," said Garsed.

"It costs $75 to operate each room each night. Which is a huge cost and it has to be covered somehow so donations like this make that possible," said Rachael Severance, the Marketing Manager for the house.

To learn how you can help or make a donation, you can visit