Former Governor Paul LePage speaks to Mainers on the phone at protest

Published: May. 16, 2020 at 4:33 PM EDT
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"a 14-day quarantine is unconstitutional."

That was former Governor Paul LePage who was on the phone talking to Mainer's at the protest outside the State House.

"We need to continue to push back against this governor. She needs to come to her senses and let us make a living."

While Governor Mills has started to re-open parts of the state, the protestors say that is not enough.

James Paine says, "To all the business owners out there, I say this just open up. Ignore all the nonsense. They don't actually have the power to do this. People out there if you want to stay safe, you want to wear your mask you have the freedom to do that."

Nina Wright says, "I have a livelihood and I am grateful for that but I am so upset about all those businesses and people who can not make a livelihood or have their children go to daycares. It is just not right and I ask you Mills to open up Maine."

The first stage of the Governor's plan has allowed salons, barbershops, car dealerships, and more to open.

Restaurants are allowed to open their Dine-in services starting Monday in counties with no community transmission.

Rick Savage owner of Sunday River Brewing and Paul Zimmerman owner of Red Maple Inn were also in attendance.

Savage says, "We both have nice clean operations and if people don't want to come in, don't come in. But, for the state to say that we can't do what we are doing is ridiculous. She got an injunction on me yesterday through a court that wasn't even supposed to be open until May 31st. So, she is singling us out individually out and it is not going to work out for you. We are going to get some lawyers and get involved with lawsuits. "

Zimmerman says, "They ticket me twice a day. The health and human services had no problem on May 1st when I opened. Yesterday I got a food order in around 11:00 and by 12:30 I was getting tickets for stuff that hadn't even been put away yet. I've earned a lot of respect in town. I grew up in that area. They are not going to take it away down here in Augusta, Maine. I can tell you that."

The next protest is planned for May 30th.

Savage says, "They are willing to put more businesses in Maine under, the small ones, so they can get federal money and it is not fair."