For cannabis legalization in New England, it's a slow burn

Published: Jun. 30, 2018 at 11:54 PM EDT
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New England may well be the next major U.S. frontier for legal cannabis, just don't try shopping for weed around the six-state region quite yet.

In Massachusetts, where voters approved of recreational marijuana in November 2016, Sunday is when retail sales are officially allowed to begin. But no pot stores have been licensed yet, and only a few may open in the coming months. Local resistance and the lack of marijuana testing facilities required by law are factors cited for the delay.

Possession of small amounts of recreational marijuana becomes legal in Vermont Sunday. But with no provisions for pot shops, users must either grow it themselves or continue buying from illicit dealers.

Voters in Maine also backed a recreational marijuana law in 2016, but pot shops won't open there until next year at the earliest.