Folks satisfy sweet tooth at annual Moosehead Lake Chocolate Festival

GREENVILLE, Maine. (WABI)- "People love chocolate."

Hundreds of folks from all the state gathered in Greenville to participate in the 15th annual Moosehead Lake Chocolate Festival.

"There's things out there as familiar as brownies to smores on pretzel sticks to a chocolate fountain."

"Everything is so good and it is all homemade. The people that have been doing it for many many years, there are certain things like Tony's dipped strawberries here that people stand in line for and we have to have somebody monitor that because everyone wants to take home lots and lots of them."

Forty members of the community each whipped up 100 pieces of chocolate for the festival.

"So it turns out to be 4,000 pieces of chocolate."

All proceeds from the festival go towards the Moosehead Lake Destination Marketing Organization.

It is their largest fundraiser of the year.

"I have been a part of it every year and we have a really good group of people here that take pride in our town and our city and think this is a good fundraiser for the chamber."

Folks pay ten dollars for ten pieces of chocolate of their choice.

Some of the treats included Malibu rum balls, chocolate strawberries, brownies and much more.

"It brings everyone together and gives us all a chance to be a part of it, so whether you donate chocolate, or you donate an item or you come and purchase something, everybody gets to be apart."