Folks participate in 19th annual Beth C. Wright Walk for Life

ELLSWORTH, Maine. (WABI)- Folks in Ellsworth walked for a cause Saturday.

They participated in the Annual Beth C. Wright Walk for Life.

"In supporting the organization they are supporting the people that we serve, the folks that are living with cancer."

The Walk for Life is a major fundraiser to help enable the Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center that offers many programs and services to cancer patients and their families.

"Essentially most of their programs are free for cancer patients and the people that are touched by cancer whether their family members or loved ones of people that are dealing with cancer and it is really important that we are able to continue to provide those services."

Beth Wright started the Choose life Foundation shortly before she passed away from cancer in 2000.

"After she passed away her family started the Walk for Life to keep the foundation going and keep funds coming in. So since 2000, the walk has been going on in Addison but we thought we really like to have a version here in Ellsworth. There is so many folks in Ellsworth that want to support the organization."

The Walk for Life has been held in Addison for the past nineteen years but this year was the first time it has been held in Ellsworth also.

"I have a lot of patients that I work with that are unable to do walks like this and so it just is important to me to get out here and support this cause and to support this organization in our community."

The Ellsworth Garden Club also hosted a pink tulip festival and plant sale to help support breast cancer awareness.

"There probably isn't a person that you could come across that hasn't been touched by cancer by some way, whether it is themselves or a family member or a friend that has gone through a struggle with cancer."