Folks out buying thank you cards the day after Christmas

Published: Dec. 26, 2019 at 7:21 PM EST
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As many of us think about how thankful we are for the gifts we received for Christmas, there's an appropriate national day that follows. Thursday is National Thank You Note Day.

Folks were out and about buying thank you cards at stores like The Paper Store in Augusta.

"We typically hear a lot of people really excited to give and receive thank you cards," said Kaylee Keil, Store Team Leader at The Paper Store.

The two main types of thank you cards are boxed or single.

"Most of the boxes come 10 per box with beautiful envelopes that go with them," said Keil. "Generally they're pretty blank on the inside so that you can add your own personal touch on each note."

On the other hand, you can get single cards to tailor to different people.

"These are great for someone that means a lot to you or someone that has really gone out of their way with a little bit more personalization," said Keil.

They also have holiday specific thank you cards.

Keil says thank you cards provide that extra sense of gratitude to someone.

"When you receive a thank you card that's that special finish to maybe a time that you spent with someone or something that you gave to someone that is not required," said Keil. "It's not expected, and that note means that that person was specifically thinking just about you at that time."

And a lot of people were in shopping already for next Christmas, with nearly all holiday items 50% off.

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