Folks in Bangor Speak Out Against Dark Money in Politics

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) Several folks gathered outside Representative Bruce Poliquin's office Wednesday to speak out against what they call dark money in politics.

They say dark money is contributions given for political purposes where the source is untraceable.

They say the recent tax bill that transfers money from working middle class taxpayers to the wealthiest individuals and corporations is a prime example of policies fueled by dark money.

Among the people were farmers and small business owners as well as Jonathan Fulford, who wants to run for Poliquin's seat in Congress.

Fulford says he'll be signing the "Pine Tree Pledge" and urges politicians and candidates to do the same.

He says, "I am making a clear stand against dark money and large corporate political money influencing our society. This is a way to make sure that it's not just someone saying, oh I'm opposed to money in politics, but saying I'm willing to actually sign something that's very clear and definitive saying this is exactly what I'm opposed to and why it matters."

The Pine Tree Pledge states the campaign will not accept donations from corporate political action committees or corporate lobbyist PACs.