Folks celebrate Earth Day by learning about Parrots

Published: Apr. 22, 2018 at 7:36 PM EDT
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In celebration of Earth Day, folks gathered at the Siesta Sanctuary to see parrots talk, sing and dance.

But this Earth Day is different for the sanctuary.

They're honoring "Woody,” a Blue Throated Macaw, which is now an endangered species.

“Come on in! Everybody's welcome!”

“When they first come in here, everybody thinks their kids are gonna love it. And the little gets get in the big room and this god awful racket meets them. And they're terrified. But we have ear protectors and with guidance, they do okay. And then we have a few birds that will come out and play and visit with people safely. Parrots are magnificent, beautiful, wild creatures. Unfortunately they're under huge threats and some of them have gone extinct. And others are under the threat of it due to habitat destruction. Unfortunately there are still people poaching and illegally transferring birds. So Earth day seemed like a good time to address that problem. I made posters for Earth day and just general information on Parrots. And I have many nice volunteers who are scattered through the house helping and teacher people about the parrots.” Explained the owner of the sanctuary Margaret Bushman.

“It's sort of educational for people. Because they don't realize they all have individual personalities and you get to know that and it's really fun. One of course always tries to attack me, and he's the prettiest one I think. So looks aren't everything right?” Said one of the volunteers Barbara Geenberg.

To learn more about the Siesta Sanctuary and how to help, you can visit their website at