Five Men Arrested after Shooting Incident and Chase in Calais

CALAIS, Maine (WABI) Five men were arrested after shooting broke out in Calais.

Police say a man was shot at around 11 Wednesday night near the Calais Motor Inn.

He wasn't hit but it leaves police looking for answers and residents shook up.

Police say this is an active investigation.

They do know five men were involved in the shooting, four of them in a high speed chase.

"Shots fired at the Motor Inn," says Jennifer Nott, a front desk clerk at the hotel.

That's what she says her brother heard on the scanner Wednesday night from his home in Baileyville. She says he called her to see if she was ok. It was about an hour after she closed the lobby here at the hotel where she works as a front desk clerk. Calais police say a man staying here was shot at multiple times by two men.

District attorney Matthew Foster says they don't know how many shots were fired but that casings were recovered in the parking lot from two guns. He says the victim wasn't hit by any bullets and the five men involved drove off.

"The driver fled from the vehicle and was apprehended while that was happening another occupant of the vehicle basically took the driver's seat and took off in the vehicle," says Foster.

They led police on a chase to Brookton nearly an hour away. Police lost the vehicle but later found it abandoned then found the men hiding nearby. All of them are in custody and being held at the Washington County Jail on aggravated attempted murder charges. Four are from New York City, the other is from Baileyville. Police believe drugs are involved.

"There was a significant amount of crack cocaine that was recovered from one of the suspects," says Foster.

Nott says she's glad no one was hurt.

"If we were here it would be even worse knowing what's going on is nothing I want to be around. It's nerve-wracking and scary," she says.

Police say a woman was also in the vehicle for some of the ride. She was ejected from the car and taken to a hospital. We don't know her condition.

The five men arrested are being held at the Washington County Jail in Machais and are set to appear in front of a judge in Ellsworth Friday via video.