Fishermen offer fresh seafood right to the customer amid Coronavirus concerns

Published: Mar. 29, 2020 at 3:46 PM EDT
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Industries left and right are suffering from the effects of the Coronavirus.

So one group of fishermen from the Mid-coast decided to bring the product right to the consumer, with safety in mind.

Maine Working Waterfront Seafood Connection is connecting you to fresh local seafood while it's hard to come by.

"With everything going around most people want fresh and local. They want to know what they're getting, it's only been handled by one person, the fisherman," said Ali Farrell, the event's organizer.

For the fisherman, they were forced into this situation, and right now, they're coming at a low price.

"We're just like everybody else, everybody is kind of unemployed right now. We're having to take these extra measures to sell to the public itself, just to have a job and keep some money going in. We're selling lobsters at a pretty discounted rate. Like they're going for $6-$7a pound right now. Which is way less than what we usually get, we usually get $10-$12 a pound right now off the boat," said Noah Ames.

With an event that does draw crowds of dozens. Organizers have stressed the importance of social distancing.

"That's why I'm here at the event so I can make sure to keep reminding people about the 6 foot rule. It's new to all of us, so I think it's easy to forget. So that's why I'm here just to keep reminding people," said Farrell.

"At some point you're going to have to come in contact with somebody that you're taking money from or dealing with. And therefore the distance is going to be less than 6 feet. Everybody pretty much is staying back, except for me just interacting with the people that are already here hence the gloves. So I'm just trying to stay as safe as I can and keep everybody safe," said Ames.

For more information on where to find them next, you can visit Maine Working Waterfront Seafood Connect on Facebook.