First responders and municipalities gather in Newport to discuss water emergency preparedness

Published: Oct. 24, 2018 at 4:22 PM EDT
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What would happen if our water supply was contaminated?

That question brought first responders and municipalities to Newport for the "Drinking Water Emergency Tabletop Exercise."

This was the scenario: a fuel truck spilling and leaking into a body of water. It was to teach how to respond and protect our water supply.

It was also a chance for emergency responders to get to know each other before a real emergency of that nature happens.

AJ Newhall, Newport Water District, said, "If we know what we're doing ahead of time, even if it's just a practice scenario, we might be able to apply a practice to a real life thing so, you're not standing there guessing what you're going to do next."

Kathleen Rusley, MEMA Public Outreach, said, "We will be there when people need and we'll be able to communicate what folks need to do and actions they need to take."

Maine Emergency Management suggests having a three-day supply of emergency water in your home.