Firewood demand increases this season

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - The chilly temperatures this morning caused many of us to turn up the heat.

For some, that meant stoking up the wood stove.

According to Efficiency Maine, wood is still the cheapest option when it comes to heating your home.

Joy Hollowell takes a closer look at this year's firewood season.

For more than 30 years, Mark Eastman has cut and sold firewood in the greater Bangor region. He's seen the demand go up and go down.

"The oil prices definitely dictate how much," says Eastman. "This has been a pretty good year. My last really good year was in 2014 when it was $4 a gallon."

Fall is their busiest month as the cold weather sets in, although Eastman delivers all summer long.

"Some of the people that get just a couple of cords, it's just for when the power goes out," he explains. "But I got some customers, they get 5 to 10 cords. It's their primary heat."

Eastman says the majority of his customers are 50 years and older.

"Not many young people burn wood," he says.

He processes the wood right on site, typically until the end of November. On average, Eastman delivers several hundred cords of wood each season.
Here is a link to Efficiency Maine's heating cost comparison chart