Firefighters from across the state participate in annual Partnership Education Program

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) Firefighters from across the state have gathered in Bangor for a three day training session.

The annual Partnership Education Program put on by the Professional Firefighters of Maine is a chance for the state's first responders to learn new information and skills.

The annual convention provides new curriculum every year.

This year, one of the topics of focus is active shooter and hostile response.

They engaged in conversations surrounding safe practices and quick response as well as open communication and teamwork when dealing with an active shooter situation.

John Martell, President of the Professional Firefighters of Maine says, "This is a new module that came out probably within the last six months for us and it's in reaction to, unfortunately, what we are seeing across the country. As most people know, along with law enforcement, we are the first ones in on something like that. Over the years we've seen how we can work to have a better survival rate for those that are injured or wounded and how we can work in coordination with law enforcement."

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