Firefighters Remind Homeowners to be Careful Heating Homes, Avoid CO Poisoning

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With this week's cold temperatures, fire departments are reminding homeowners to properly clean and maintain stoves and furnaces to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Waterville firefighter Dan Brown says the odor-less, color-less gas typically goes undetected and can cause flu-like symptoms for those exposed to it.

Serious cases of CO poisoning can render you unconscious and can be deadly.

Brown says the best line of defense is a carbon monoxide detector.

Folks using space heaters or furnaces need to be careful and should notify emergency services if their CO detectors alarm goes off.

"Do not hesitate to immediately dial 911, evacuate your home, seek shelter in a neighbor's house if you can in these cold temperatures. But the fire department needs to come to your house and use their detection units to see if it is a malfunctioning detector or if there's actually a presence of CO in the home," said Brown.

Following Monday's significant snowfall, you're also reminded to shovel out exhaust vents for furnaces to avoid fires.