Fire officials try to figure out what caused a deadly North Anson home fire

Published: Jan. 3, 2019 at 5:55 PM EST
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Fire officials are trying to pinpoint what sparked a deadly fire in North Anson.

John Grooms, the victim’s friend, said, “It's shocking because when you lose a friend, it's always a hit to the gut.”

John Grooms is a friend of the man who authorities said died Thursday morning after a fire ripped through a North Anson Home on North Main Street.

Grooms explained, “Loved trains, model trains, and train sets. He had a passion for world missions. We were scheduled [Thursday] to go to pizza and go out to the movies."

The Fire Marshal's Office said the victim is 63-years-old.

Sgt. Joel Davis, with the State Fire Marshal’s Office said, “We're still in the process of notifying relatives. They may be out of state, so it's going to take a little bit before we can release any information on him."

Several crews responded to the home after 3 a.m. We're told the victim's body was found in the kitchen by firefighters.

North Anson Fire Chief, Stacey Beane, said, "We pretty much had the whole Somerset County here plus a couple fire departments and Franklin County."

North Anson Fire Chief Stacey Beane said the fire was hard to put out because there was a lot of clutter in the home.

"He was pretty much a hoarder. So it was pretty hard. We'd go in through one door and firefighters get there and say we can't go any further, so they would have to back up and re-route and find another way to attack it,” said, Beane.

Investigators are trying to pinpoint what exactly caused this fire.

Davis explained, "Obviously we need to find out why the victim passed away. The medical examiner will examine the victim tomorrow and from there will continue our investigation."

Authorities said all indications point toward the fire being accidental.