Fire in Lamoine proves closing doors can help save parts of homes

LAMOINE, Maine (WABI) - "We knew the fire was between the attic and the roof and that there was a lot of it."

After a fire destroyed a home in Lamoine Saturday night, officials are encouraging folks to shut their doors in case of a fire in your home.

"If you are exiting the house, if you think to shut the doors, good idea."

After lightning struck the home on Falcon Lane, the homeowners noticed smoke coming from the ceiling.

"The folks were here having dinner, and it was lightning and thunder simultaneously, definitely hit the house."

Their home was soon engulfed in flames.

"When we got here, there was smoke puffing out of virtually every eave around the main part of the building, and we knew we had a big big fire."

But, one room in the home looks like nothing ever happened... all because the door was shut.

"If your house is on fire, first of all, get out, and if you can, close the doors behind you. That will stop the fire from spreading into those rooms where there is some sort of a stop. Even though that door is fairly flimsy, it gave it enough time to stop. We were able to get in and push it back the other way without damage to that particular room."

While one side of the door burned to a crisp, the other side looked like nothing even happened.

"Fire needs three things to happen. It needs fuel, it needs heat, and it needs oxygen. If you take away any one of those three things, it's not going to burn."

"It wasn't burning outwardly in any part of the house when we got here because it didn't have the oxygen. Having the door shut in that room deprived it of oxygen, so the damage couldn't get through."

No one injured in the fire.