Fire breaks out on Katahdin steamboat

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It was a scary morning for passengers aboard the Katahdin steamboat on Moosehead lake Friday.

We're told the cruise had just begun when the engineer noticed a seal had broken in the engine room.

While they were heading back to shore, fire broke out.

Wveryone aboard made it off safely.

No word on the extent of the damage, but the hope is to have the Katahdin back up and running soon.

Geroge Edmondson, President, Katahdin Cruises "We have a wonderful maintenance staff, and if it's something like a seal that is like, you know, like replacing the seal on one of the gaskets of your car engine or whatever, then I am sure the Katahdin will be up and running in a day or two. If it's something major where we have to bring in the pros from the coast, then it could be more significant"

George Edmondson of Katahdin Cruises says crews frequently practice emergency drills for fires.

We're told the Sunset dance scheduled for Saturday is still a go, but they'll hold it on shore.