Fields Pond Audubon Center open year round to the public

HOLDEN, Maine (WABI) - "Maine Audubon I think is a vital organization to the state."

If you're looking for a place to go that allows you to experience wildlife and the outdoors, Fields Pond Audubon Center is the place to be.

"We heard a coyote pretty much right outside the window howling, then about a minute later, the rest of the pack came back with a response and we listened to the coyotes for about ten minutes. So, there is a lot happening in terms of wildlife around here."

The center is open year round and holds many different events for folks of all ages.

It's ideal for nature studying, wildlife watching, walking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing.

"We have forested areas, we have wetland areas, we have field habitat, It's a great place for viewing wildlife, we have miles of trails for hiking or walking."

On Saturday, January 19th, they invite you to join them to take a walk in the snow and learn how to identify animal tracks.

"They get to make their own little-plastered track that they get to take home, and then we are going to follow that up on Saturday with an outdoor tracking in the field program that I will be leading, and that will be looking at a variety of animals that will be moving around at that point."

They host many programs throughout the year to educate kids in Maine on the outdoors.

"We offer programs to thousands and thousands of Maine school children every year, both in the classroom then bringing them out here to the outdoors and getting them involved and hands-on science and stem learning."

Folks can stop in during their regular business hours and see all they have to offer.

And, Fields Pond is always looking for volunteers.

If you'd like to find out more, visit their website.