Fiberight official offers update on Hampden waste facility opening

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Following delays in their opening officials with Fiberight, a waste processing and recycling facility being built in Hampden, are offering an updated timeline.

The company held a meeting for the more than 100 municipalities it has contracted Tuesday evening.

Originally hoping to start operation by April 1st, they say having their permits appealed followed by a harsh Maine winter caused them to push things back.

"We have revised the schedule and as we stated to the public we will be having the recycling equipment delivered in June, the recycling plant will be running in September and we expect the project to be fully operational and be in commission towards the end of the year," said Chief Executive, Craig Stuart-Paul.

With previous contracts for waste removal expired, new agreements were made in advance to dispose of trash in case the new facility wasn't ready.

Stuart-Paul says in that time waste has been going to the PERC plant in Orrington or been taken to one of two area landfills.