Father of murder victim trying to prevent future domestic violence disputes in Maine

ABBOT, Maine (WABI) - It's been more than four years since Stephanie Ginn Gebo was murdered.

She was shot to death during a domestic dispute in Parkman.

"Monday would have been her 42nd birthday. So, because of this, I have found we really don't have proper protection in our state."

We met up with her father, Vance Ginn, who has working tirelessly to help prevent domestic violence in Maine.

"It's all I can do. I have lost my daughter. I can't get her back."

Since Stephanie's death, Vance has been an advocate for Electronic Monitoring Programs for domestic violence offenders free on bail or on probation.

"My family will wear an open wound forever. I don't want anyone else to have to wear that open wound. I don't want anyone else to have to sleep with a gun under their pillow for the last week and a half of their life. That is totally unexpectable."

On Saturday, August 24th, at Woody's Bar in Greenville, he is hosting the second annual Pig Roast for Protection to raise funds for electronic monitoring programs.

"The money will be used to fight directly against domestic violence. If I can't get it to be used in my county, which is my first choice, everybody needs to be protected. It doesn't matter if you live in our county or if you live in one of the other counties that doesn't use it. Everyone needs to be protected."

The event will feature a 5-K with registration starting at 10 followed by a pig roast.

"Sometimes the situation my family is in, we just need some time to get together with people, show them how we are trying to help and what we are trying to do to protect them."

When Vance isn't fighting against domestic violence, you can find him tending to his garden in memory of Stephanie.

"Whenever I am down and my thoughts aren't in a great place, I can come out here, and I can feel closer to my daughter."

"It shows life. I mean I have butterflies. I have hummingbirds. I have bees."

Vance hopes everyone will come out to the event and keep his daughter's memory alive by helping to prevent more tragedies in the future.

"Knowing Stephanie's personality, she might be a dragonfly, not a butterfly."