Father, daughter sentenced in Millinocket murder case

MILLINOCKET, Maine (WABI) - A father and daughter have been sentenced in connection with a deadly home invasion in Millinocket more than a year ago.

The Locklear's are two of the three accused in this case.

A judge sentenced 44-year old Tony Locklear to life in prison Wednesday morning for murder, elevated aggravated assault, and robbery.

22-year old, Alexis Locklear received a one-year jail sentence, but has already served that time.

Both addressed the court Wednesday.

"I hope the Locklear family can go on with their lives and not only in this state but, I have completed murder in other states so, it's about time that I get my due," said Tony Locklear.

An emotional Tony Locklear addressed the court in Bangor Wednesday.

The 44-year old from North Carolina was ordered to spend the rest of his life behind bars for murder, elevated aggravated assault, and robbery.

According to court documents, Locklear, along with his 22-year old daughter, Alexis Locklear, and her boyfriend at the time 39-year old Christopher Murray went to the home of Wayne LaPierre in December of 2017 with the intent to buy marijuana and steal money from him and his wife, Diem.

LaPierre was legally licensed to grow medical marijuana.

LaPierre and his wife were both shot. Wayne LaPierre died at a hospital a few days later.

His wife, Diem survived.

The State says Locklear was the one to set the plan in motion and provided the gun. They asked for 70 years to life...

"Life under Maine law means life without probation or parole and so he will serve the rest of his natural life in jail. The family is very pleased with that and we are also very pleased.," said Deputy Attorney General, Lisa Marchese.

Alexis Locklear received a one-year sentence for robbery. A murder charge against her was dropped in exchange for testimoney during the trial of Murray. He was found guilty of murder last month.

Locklear has already served her time in jail, so we're told she will make her way back home to North Carolina.

Both she and her father pleaded guilty in January.

She also addressed Wayne's wife in court.

"Mrs. LaPierre I took your wallet and I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what you went through. If I could only tell you this it would be, don't let a flashback, doubts, or bad things get you down. I know it's hard but don't let it take control of your life. You are a strong, brave, and beautiful woman," said Alexis Locklear.

Locklear's attorney says this has been an emotional and traumatic experience for her, but believes it was important for her to address the LaPierre family.

"She was sincere and affected by what happened and she was hoping that that would give some closure for the family,"said defense attorney, Hunter Tzovarras.

Murray's sentencing was initially set for Wednesday, but was postponed.

"I think there is a good possibly the court will impose a life sentence in part because the court seemed to find today in his sentencing analysis that he did believe the State's theory that Murray is the shooter," said Marchese.

Not word yet on when Murray will be sentenced.