Father and daughter from Orland set sail to spread climate change awareness

Published: Jul. 10, 2019 at 7:33 PM EDT
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A father and daughter from Orland are sailing and singing this summer to help save the environment.

We set sail with Shawn and Maizey Mercer in Bucksport to hear about their Sun, Song, and Sail Tour.

"You know, I have special connections with all the kids, and for Maizey and I, it's music," said Shawn Mercer.

Shawn and his daughter Maizey are about to go on an incredible adventure. They want to help save the Earth, or at least move people in a direction of caring about climate change. They're doing it the best way they know how. Through music and sailing.

"So, we thought we'd try to combine it all and see if we could raise some attention for the messages we're trying to bring," said Shawn.

This father-daughter duo are teaming up and setting sail around Penobscot Bay and singing their message of climate change awareness.

"I just think it's kind of ridiculous that most people know about it and they acknowledge that it exists, and yet they aren't really doing anything about it," said Maizey.

"Part of it is just getting out and exposing yourself to it so you can have awareness of what's here," said Shawn.

The many hours on The Annie O aren't going to bother Maizey because of the work they are doing and the fear of what will happen if they don't.

"That my kids wouldn't be able to have a life that I've had. They're going to be looking at me with disbelief. That things like this, were here and that the generations before me and my generation didn't stop what's happening," she said.

That intergenerational conversation will be happening at the first stop on their tour: the Climate Change Convergence Conference at George Stevens Academy in Blue Hill hosted in part by Reversing Falls Sanctuary.

"They're able to present this model of family that's so, so beautiful and inspiring and helpful I think to many, many people," said Anne Ferrara with Reversing Falls Sanctuary in Brooksville.

"The hope is that Maizey and I will have some fun and will share messages and hopefully will reach some people and you know the ultimate goal is to inspire people to change the way they live."

The Sun, Song and Sail Tour dates:

July 20th: Climate Convergence, George Stevens Acadmey, Blue HIll

July 21st: Reading of Sill Mill, Alamo Theater, Bucksport at noon

July22nd: The Apprentice Shop, Rockland at 7pm

July 23rd: Islesboro Community Center at 6pm

Aug. 9th: UU Church of Castine at 7pm

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