Farmington residents grip with devastating destruction

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FARMINGTON, Maine (WABI) - 'Welcome to Farmington' reads the sign that normally greets people into town, but now, it stands in the middle of what looks like a war zone.

Officials calling it devastating.

"The actual scene itself was a tremendous explosion," said Sgt. Ken Grimes of the State Fire Marshall's Office. "I've done a number of LP explosions in buildings over the years, and this is the worst one I have seen as far as structural damage and neighborhood damage."

In one of the mobile homes behind the LEAP building was Roger Gray.

"I was there, I was sitting there," said Gray. "It was like one moment I was sitting there watching the news and all of sudden everything stopped, and the windows all flew in."

His home is a complete loss.

"I'm in the market to find a new place now, so I'm just kind of waiting for that to happen," said Gray.

Shiretown Tire is the lot over from LEAP.

Lori Rogers dropped her bus off Sunday night to get some repairs.

"I was dropping it off to get brakes and an oil change and an oil change, and then it was going to be renovating into a tiny house," said Rogers.

A couple of the windows shattered and the door got unhinged, but she's happy it wasn't worse.

"That's my little bus there," said Rogers, pointing at the wreckage. "It says 'Assembly of God' on it so I figure it's blessed, right?"