Farmington Family Travels Cross-Country In Just 48 Days

FARMINGTON, Maine (WABI)- Summer is a perfect time for many families to take vacations.

Courtesy: Peter Hardy

But, not every family chooses to travel cross-country.

"One of the things we tried to do, sometimes it was just driving by, but we took a picture of all the welcome to signs as we came into the state."

48 states to be exact, in just 48 days.

"We pretty much went down to Florida, touched the tip of Florida and then went west, zig zagging a bit to touch every state and then we went there up through California to Washington to Oregon and then went back East."

Peter Hardy had been planning this excursion for a couple years. So, he was ready for just about anything when he loaded up his wife, two children, and his mother-in-law into the family's minivan.

Making lasting memories across each state line.

"It was different every day. Some days we didn't really drive long, like just a few minutes and some of the days we drove for the entire day."

A mathematician at heart, Hardy kept data on everything. From the number of miles and time they spent in each state, to the trip's carbon footprint.

"The mathematician in me wanted to try and figure out a path that would be a simple closed curve so it wouldn't double back on itself in the shortest amount of mileage possible."

A whopping 200,000 miles are now on the family's van after traveling for more than a month, piling on just over 13,000 miles round trip.

This once in a lifetime journey would take the Hardy's to more than a dozen national parks, Las Vegas for the first time, and they even had to change all four brakes on the car before climbing the Rocky Mountains.

This wasn't the Hardy's first rodeo as far as traveling. They've been up and down the East coast, to China, and to Thailand and back, but they've never been out West.

And they say there's no time like the present.

"At this point, the kids are at a good age. They are not too busy with sports or school in the summer yet, and they can still get in touch with friends through social media, so we just thought it was the best time to do it."

The next stop for the Hardy's? Making it to the two states that they missed, Hawaii and Alaska, which they hope to step foot on in the next couple of years.

Hardy is presenting a talk and image show in the Lincoln Auditorium on the campus of UMaine Farmington on Thursday night starting at 7 p.m.

It's free and open to the public.