Farmer teaches tree climbing to feed goats

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BELFAST, Maine (WABI) - A farm in Belfast held a 'tree fodder' seminar on Tuesday.

It's part of a week-long series of seminars and training sessions.

Shana Hanson has been running Three Streams Farm since 2000.

One week a year she teaches people who come from all over the world to learn about agriculture and animal husbandry.

Participants learned how to tie knots, climb trees, and cut limbs in a way that allows them to grow back for future harvesting.

Hanson says the process is a labor intensive way to feed goats but can improve the quality of their milk and has roots in the distant past.

"It's been like 8000 years that animals and people have evolved together with trees. And even there's very ancient accounts of armies taking into the woods to feed the horses."

An entomologist from the Maine Forest Service was also on hand to answer questions about forest pests.

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