Fans In Bangor Get Gift From Patriots Mascot Artist

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - After Jay Martin saw the story of the rowdy New England Patriots fans at the Solstice Senior Living Center in Bangor, he knew just who he needed to call.

His friend, Phil Bissell, the sports cartoonist who designed the original Patriots mascot.

"I told him that there was a big piece of Pats Nation here on Ohio Street. The guy has got a heart of a house, so, of course he jumped at the chance to get these folks a little bit of a surprise leading to the Super Bowl," says Marin.

The fans received a signed copy of the original drawing of Pat the Patriot, a gift they were thrilled to receive.

"I think it's wonderful. We are excited to have it," says Donna Lower, a resident.

"Beautiful.Nice to see it. Nice work," says resident Elizabeth Whalen.

"I think it's a wonderful idea for them to do that," says resident Cat Wallace.

The Patriots present is a gesture to get this crowd even more fired up for the big game on Sunday.

"Oh we love to win. Especially in New England. My husband and I actually watched the Patriots win when Grogan was the quarterback before Bledsoe," says Lowler.

They say they'll be cheering them on from start to finish.

"Keep the faith! Keep the faith. And they pull it off. That Brady is a jewel," says Wallace.

They may look sweet but know this: they take no pity on the ones the Pats beat to a Super Bowl once again.

"They lost out. And we're the ones better for it," says Lowler.

The spirit of the group is felt throughout the entire community.

"It's infectious. We didn't bring it to them. They brought it here. They love their lives about celebrating things that are important to them. This championship is important. So, like one of the ladies just told me, here we go, number five, now number six. Get a thumb ring," says Deborah Wisdom, sales and marketing.