Famous local commercial face turns 96

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - The man who's gained local fame for the Glidden commercials is celebrating another milestone.

Robert Gildden, founder of Glidden Auto Body is celebrating his 96th birthday.

Friends and colleagues gathered to commemorate him and his achievements at the auto body shop in Bangor Wednesday.

Glidden says he started in the business when he was in high school making $3 a day.

He says, many things have changed since then but his secret to success was honesty, consideration and keeping the customer happy.

Judy Patterson, Glidden's daughter says, "It's totally amazing where dad started that business was in a small dark place. My mother was working there as the secretary, treasurer and everything else and then it got bigger and then it was sold and every time it got bigger dad's name stayed with it and that makes me very proud."

While the party was Wednesday, Glidden's actual birthday is this Friday, December 7th.