Falls Bridge in Blue Hill Needs to be Replaced

BLUE HILL, Maine (WABI) The time has come to replace of piece of Blue Hill history.

Since 1926 the Falls Bridge has been used by people living in or passing through the coastal community, but it's time to build something new.

That's according to members of the Maine DOT who conducted tests on the bridge over past few months.

While many folks in town enjoy the look of the current structure, many of its characteristics no longer meet state standards...

"It's a very iconic structure here in town," said Selectman Jim Shatz, "So, the department of transportation felt that there should be as much public input as possible in determining the design and other features that surround the bridge."

Officials will take public input over the next few months and in partnership with DOT will make a decision on how to move forward with a goal of building a new bridge by next year.