Fall Fest helps educate people about fungi

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OLD TOWN, Maine (WABI)- For those looking to learn more about wildlife in the area, it was a weekend full of workshops and activities in Old Town.

Hirundo Wildlife Refuge hosted its Fall Fest, with one of the day's activities being fungi foraging.

The workshop hoped to educate people on the large variety of mushrooms growing in Maine.

"We have a lot of questions from the public about "can we eat this?" says Seanna Annis, an assc. Prof. at The University of Maine. “Can we, and we're interested, especially when there's a lot of fungi out in the woods like there is this year, it's really good for people to understand and know what are the fungi doing out in the woods and what are the different diversity that you see out there."

One very important word of advice to anyone foraging is not to eat anything before consulting an expert.