Faircloth Drops Out Of Gubernatorial Race, Endorses Mark Eves

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WMTW) - Former Bangor mayor and state senator Sean Faircloth announced today that he is officially withdrawing his candidacy to become Maine's next governor.

Faircloth, a Democrat, made the announcement saying he was "simply not on pace to secure the necessary $5 contributions required by the Clean Elections law."

In addition to thanking those who contributed to his campaign, Faircloth said he would be endorsing---former speaker of the Maine House of Representatives---Mark Eves.

Faircloth described Eves as "a proven and effective leader," pointing to Eves' legislative track record on issues like affordable health care, environmental protections and workers' rights--- including increased minimum wage.

Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage's final term expires in January 2019.