Facebook rolls out new feature

ORONO, Maine (WABI) - Have you ever sent a Facebook message to the wrong person or made a typo that you couldn't correct through the Messenger app?

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Thanks to a new feature, you'll now be able to remove it.

But, it may not be available to everyone just yet.

It's a platform most of us use every day, whether it be for personal or professional use. However, Facebook has seen its ups and downs.

But, despite a scandal-plagued year for the company and its founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, the social media site is still a giant that continues to roll out new features.

This week, Facebook announced a new feature that lets users delete messages when using the Messenger app on IOS or Android.

Experts say as generations change, their demands for platforms will, too.

"Facebook' right now is more popular among the older crowd whereas the younger adults are much more active on a platform like Snapchat, and I think Facebook is trying to keep that younger crowd on board, and they're trying to tailor to them by providing them the ability to edit what they say," said Judith Rosenbaum, Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication and Journalism at the University of Maine

While the delete feature is available, it may not be for all users as it will only work for those who have the most recent update.

According to Facebook, you can delete a message within ten minutes of sending it.

However, experts say users need to realize that once a message is "deleted," it's still somewhere in cyberspace.

"That is something that everybody just needs to be aware of that, sure you can now retract a message, but it is still out there somewhere. It doesn't mean it went away forever," said Rosenbaum.

According to Judith Rosenbaum, Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication and Journalism at the University of Maine, Facebook has gotten better at letting users know about changes, especially when it comes to their privacy.

"Ultimately though, the responsibility is still on the user. So, if you don't have it set the right way or the way to keep your stuff private, it's not on Facebook if your stuff gets out there."

To keep your information in check, Rosenbaum offers this advice.

"Do a check maybe once a month or at least a couple times a year to see if there is something you want to change." said Rosenbaum.

And, before you post to Facebook or another social media platform, ask yourself this...

"Would you shout this off a rooftop? If the answer is "no," then you probably shouldn't put it on Facebook," Rosenbaum said.