Facebook Page Hopes to Find Answers for 24-year-old Missing Persons Case

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HOULTON, Maine (WAGM) - "Her family deserves to know what happened to her, they deserve the closure."

And it's that closure Jamie Lee is hoping to help find. She was 11 years old in 1993 when Virginia Pictou-Noyes went missing.

"My family and her family knew each other growing up," said Jamie Lee, family friend of the missing woman.

According to the Maine state police website of missing persons, Virginia had gone to Bangor with her husband Larry Noyes and two other people in April of 1993. Larry assaulted Virginia and was arrested for domestic assault.

Virginia was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center. But left the hospital before her checkup was completed, saying she needed to get home to her five children in Easton.

Her husband Larry made bail and was released. Maine State Police say they are reasonably sure she got a ride to the Irving truck stop in Houlton as witnesses saw her using the telephone. She was last seen walking north through the parking lot of the truck stop.

In 2011 Jamie Lee decided to start a facebook group called 'The Search for Virginia Sue Pictou-Noyes". Almost 900 people follow the group and over the years it's garnered information from many different sources.

"I got like bombarded." said Lee.

Jamie Lee has taken that information to police and says a lot of people have gone to share what they know. Still, nothing on the case has come to light about Virginia's where about or what may have happened to her.

"It's not fair for her that all of these people have come forward, all these people have gone to the PD, they had this information, so much information from several people."

The hope is with more people talking about Virginia's case more information will come out. Jamie says a resolution is long overdue.

"Closure and justice for her friends and family, everybody,

The Facebook group has been a central place for family, friends and even those who don't know Virginia to come together. Jamie hopes that with Virginia's story being shared that closure will be brought