Extreme weather hits portions of Maine hard

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Extreme weather ripped through the region Thursday afternoon... Wreaking havoc on property and power lines as it moved across the state.
"We had some storms move through the Bangor area and head east towards Hancock County," said Judy Long, who works for Emera Maine.

In Downtown Bangor the rainfall was so intense it washed up the work being done to replace a sewer line.

"It was pretty intense for a few minutes," said Bangor Public Works Director Dana Wardwell. "A lot of water with no place to go. It washed out part of the construction project here and it's caused quite a mess on State Street here."

Emera Maine reported thousands without power at one point in the day.

"We have seen some damage as a result of those storms," said Long. "We had some lightning strikes in greater Bangor that affected several thousand customers right in the city."

In Kenduskeag it was so bad that 7 polls went down.
Shutting the busy road down to one lane for hours..

Long said "We had some poles that did snap we also at some trees fall on wires so a combination of damage that we are looking to address."

Crews across the area dealt with the fallout from the extreme conditions, examples of the power of mother nature..

"Yeah it really is. She'll reach out and get you whenever you least expect it."