Expert advice: Talking with your child about protests and racial divide

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) With all the events going on all across the country - including right here in our state - parents may be wondering how to talk to their kids about race and protests.

Experts say sticking to the facts and telling the truth is the best way to explain the events.

They also say kids should hear it from their parents not the news or on social media.

And there is no age where these conversations should be off limits.

We talked with Chris McLaughlin, Associate Vice President of Community & Pediatric Services at Northern Light Acadia Hospital.

"They are forming ideas and they are forming opinions. I think even at a younger age and so however we as adults can mentor and guide and foster resiliency, foster curiosity, foster compassion and empathy. They really need us to show them that path,"

McLaughlin adds that watching videos together and reading books that help explain race issues is important.