Etna couple goes before judge in Bangor courtroom

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - A couple from Etna were in court Friday after a fight Thursday night.

Authorities say Heidi Tasker hit her boyfriend Luke Norris with her car.

Norris pled guilty to criminal mischief charges for damaging the car before the accident.

He'll serve 48 hours in jail for that.

Tasker is charged with aggravated assault.

She was convicted of manslaughter for an accident in 2010, when she lost control of her truck and rolled it in Palmyra. Her boyfriend was ejected and died.

"The defendant here does have a prior manslaughter charge from 2011. There was also reckless conduct from 2011, I think stemming from the same offense. She had 10 years, all but 9 months suspended, 4 years probation. She lost her license for 5 years."

"I completely disagree that this was anything but an accident. She spoke with the police that day. I don't believe that Officer Morris was saying that this anything but an accident. And as far as witnesses, I don't believe that there were any eyewitnesses, there were some people that overheard some things from a distance."

Tasker is being held on $15,000 cash bail. She's due in court again November.