Erma the dog brings books to Dover-Foxcroft school

DOVER-FOXCROFT, Maine (WABI) - Sedomocha Elementary and Middle School is starting a new program to give children something to do during bus rides.

April Taylor is the creator of 'Erma's Books on the Bus' and collected 800 books to place on school buses at no cost to the school.

The mascot for the program is Erma, a therapy dog who April brings to libraries and schools to help children relax while improving their reading skills.

Each bus will have a box of 40 books and will be managed by a student who volunteers to be a bus librarian.

"That librarian is a child that's decided that they love to read as well and they want the people on their bus to read, and so they're in charge of making sure the books get back into the container, and when all the kids have read all the books that there are, they can switch it out with the other buses."

Kaycie Bishop is a fifth grader who met Erma over the summer and has volunteered to be the librarian for her bus.

"This program is going to be amazing I know. I love to read, so I knew this was going to be a good program to do."

April is now headed to her home state of Florida to expand the program to 200 more buses and says she wants to return next year and work with other Maine schools.

Erma can also be found on Facebook as @ReadingTherapyDog. You can tune in to livestreamed bedtime stories with April and Erma.