Environmental officials warn folks of algae in Maine's waterways

Published: Jul. 11, 2020 at 8:10 PM EDT
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With the recent warm weather may lead to algae blooms on Aroostock County waterways.

Last summer there were a number of cases of the blue and green colored algae bloom on the St. John River.

Local officials say there hasn't been any reports of the algae yet, but people should still be cautious.

"You should always look at the water, if it doesn't look good, don't go swimming in it and don't let your pets in it. And a lot of times you'll get algae blowing in along the shore and you'll see a ring a few feet wide along the shore that is really green, don't let your pets drink it. Our general rule is, if you cant see your feet, stay out or when in doubt, stay out. Use common sense and don't go in if the water doesn't look good," said Kathy Hoppe of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.