Ellsworth Holds Wreath Ceremony On National Wreaths Across America Day

ELLSWORTH, Maine (WABI) - December 16th is National Wreaths Across America Day.

A ceremony was held in Ellsworth today, very similar to the one that was taking place in Arlington to honor the fallen.

Alyssa Thurlow has the story.

"Each of these veterans and each of their brothers and sisters in uniform ask for nothing in return and each felt that they gave nothing," said organizer Marc Blanchette. "We know better than that."

For the first time, wreaths were placed on veterans graves in Ellsworth for the holidays.

505 to be exact.

Organizer Marc Blanchette saw a need for a ceremony.

And felt honored to hold one for one veteran close to his heart.

"My best friend growing up is buried up on top of the hill," explained Blanchette. "He died in a Navy plane crash some 35 years ago and that's one of the big reasons,. But, it isn't just him, it's all of the veterans."

After a brief ceremony, veterans and community members placed wreaths on each mark...making sure that they know they will never be forgotten.

"To kneel in front of a veterans grave and pay them this kind of respect, they're going to be very pleased at how they feel," said Blanchette.

"1935-2006. Wow. P.F.C U.S. Army James R. Carney."

Remember, Honor, and Teach is the mission of Wreaths Across America.

Organizers say seeing kids here of all ages is refreshing knowing that they are helping to carry on that mission.

"It just puts a smile on my face from ear to ear to have those kids hear and let them learn about what the veterans have done, That's a lesson I will never ever learn in a classroom," said Blanchette.