Electricity providers warn of door-to-door scam

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Officials with area electricity providers are issuing a warning about people going door to door misrepresenting themselves.

An Emera Maine spokesperson says that they've had multiple calls from their customers that have received a knock at their door from someone saying they are with Emera and would like to help them save money.

They say these "questionable tactics" are not illegal, but want people to be aware of what is happening and know red flags to look for.

"An Emera employee would not ask who the customer of record is because we would know that if we came to your home," said Emera's Kendra Overlock. "We would not ask to see an electric bill or ask for your account number. We would have all of that information. Again it's not something that we typically would do, we don't have reasons to go door to door signing customers up or anything, customers typically call us if they need to sign up for electric delivery service."

Central Maine Power is also reporting people visiting customers claiming to be auditors. Anyone with questions is urged to contact your provider.