Eighth Annual Fall Festival At Hope Orchards

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HOPE,Maine (WABI) Festival participant, Leah Rainy said “Well it just made us get our rain coats out. We had a big argument about it. Just like, "No, I wanna wear that one."

Brien Davis Co-Owner of Hope Orchards said, "We've been waiting for this rain for two months. So, it just came on a day we weren't really excited about, but we're still happy for it. Take what nature gives us."

The rain did not put a damper on the 8th annual Fall Festival in Hope.

Brien Davis was not expecting this turnout.

He said that he was “Very surprised, I thought it would be dead, but people are out there picking apples in the rain right now. It's warm today, so that you know, and it's probably just a good place to get out of the house for a little while."

Apple picking was definitely on the agenda… But that wasn’t the only highlight to the day.

Kiddos said, “The apples, and the alpacas. The apples the alpacas, and the bunny!”

Rainy replied “The animals were great, and the, you know, all the people are here. It's so good to see everyone out."

Folks gathered to enjoy local food, music, and crafts of local artists. Co-owner of the orchards, Emily Davis explained why she loves to put on this event.

She said, "People get out. They see each other. It's the communities. They see their friends. They have a great time. They love the fresh apples, and they love the fact that we're celebrating local arts."

And even with the rain-Brien says one thing is for sure.….

"Beautiful here with the leaves changing colors, and it's our harvest. It's our fall harvest."

Courtney Cortright WABI TV 5 NEWS Hope.