Eight Women Share Stories Of Life On Stonington And Deer Isle

Published: Jan. 16, 2018 at 6:37 PM EST
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It takes guts to get up on a stage and perform anything.

To tell a personal story to an audience takes it a step further.

"I've done it myself and rehearsed a lot and you still get up to the mic and even with your notes, you're very nervous and you're wondering how will it be received," says Debbie Weil, producer of "Island Women Speak."

Weil recently put herself out there in a show in New York City where the performers told personal stories. She decided to ask women where she lives in the Stonington, Deer Isle area to tell their stories. That's what eight of them from ages 21 to 91 will be doing on the opera house stage.

"I will be telling the story or a version of a story of how I came to live here from Los Angeles three years ago," says perfomer, Kate Rinehart.

Each woman performing will be in a different time of their life from Team 20 to Team 90.

"I hope people will be entertained or amused or in some way enlightened," says Rinehart.

"When you have a friendship here it is beyond a friendship and so I thought this would be a terrific vehicle for getting to know more people, getting to help them," says performer, Cherie Mason.

Cherie Mason, 91, and Anne Burton, 85, will be speaking about their lives and their family's lives on the island.

"I'm just proud to have been part of this whole effort and I'm very appreciative at being invited," says Burton.

Even though only women will be onstage, men are encouraged to attend the show simply titled, Island Women Speak.

"Come and be part of the magic of listening because when you listen, then it becomes a story," says Weil.

The show is at the Stonington Opera House at 7pm on Thursday.

Tickets are $10 at the door.