Easton man found guilty of murder of stepfather

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HOULTON, Maine (WABI) - An Easton man has been found guilty of murder.

Tuesday a jury in Houlton reached its verdict after four hours of deliberations.

James Peaslee was tried for the shooting death of his stepfather, Paul Hilenski.

Hilenski was found dead in his Bridgewater home in January of last year.

Hilenski's son told jurors he'd installed a security system at his father's home.

During the trial,the jury was shown a video from that surveillance system that showed a person, walking up to a door, knocking, then holding up a gun which they fired.

That person was later identified by the sheriff as Peaslee.

"All the facts came together including the testimony of someone at the jail who talked about James Peaslee's plan to basically set up his brother as the shooter by concealing tattoos and changing a jacket and getting himself seen on surveillance video at a convenience store before he committed the murder. All the facts together proved beyond a reasonable doubt that James Peaslee shot his stepfather, Paul Hilenski, on January 17th of 2018," said Sate Prosecutor Leanne Robbin.

"I think that he's disappointed in the fact he's been consistent throughout this case about what happened that night and what didn't happen that night, I think he's very disappointed. While we respect the verdict, we clearly disagree, and I think we're going to take our time, regroup, and look at any appeal options we may have," said Defense Attorney Jack Tebbetts.

A date for Peaslee's sentencing has not been set.