EMMC Uses New Technology to Provide More Personal Care

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) Eastern Maine Medical Center is the first hospital in New England to use Augmedix Google Glasses.

Michael Ross, MD and Project Champion says, "Doctor Toder or one of the other pilots sees a patient while wearing google glass. That device has a video camera and a microphone so they pick up on what's happening with the visit and that information is sent to the scribe off site. The scribe, who is a person, watches and listens to that feed in real time and puts that information right into the computer right into Doctor Toder's EMR and then that information is immediately deleted. Doctor Todor reviews the information in her EMR and says yes that's accurate, this is my patient's story, signs off the note, and that's done."

Ross says it's extremely secure.

He says, "The information is not retained at all. It is sent to the scribe and then immediately deleted once it's been put into the note. The scribe has a very secure connection to our EMR."

Doctors say it saves them anywhere from 6-10 hours a week in extra work.

Dr. Michelle Toder of EMMC says, "When I see a patient, the note is being created as I see that patient and finished when the patient leaves the office. Six months ago, before this technology, my notes would be finished days later. So, timeliness and accuracy are super important."

Toder says she's developed a relationship with her scribe that helps her be a better doctor.

She says, "This is someone who I think is helping me provide better healthcare. She knows my routine, she has my templates, and she'll say to me 'Oh Doctor did you want to ask about...' and she'll fill in the blank."

Toder says the technology has allowed her to better connect with her patients and be happier herself.

She says, "Doctors are an extremely expensive commodity, so having them burnt out or cut back on their schedules or be grouchy and grumpy is such a disservice. I'm actually, I think, more pleasant and much happier as a physician in my office these days because of this technology."