Dunkin' surprises several Bangor flower shop workers ahead of Valentine's Day

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 3:20 PM EST
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In the hours leading up to Valentine's Day, it's complete madness for florists.

To help get them through, Dunkin' made special deliveries to several florists in Bangor Thursday.

"I'm here on behalf of Dunkin', and I'm dropping off some donuts and coffee."

Sydney Drew is one of the many representatives surprising workers.

"Valentine's Day and flowers. They go together nicely, and coffee and donuts of course,” said Drew.

The delivery included a box of munchkins and a little love note from Dunkin' Maine.

They also featured their new Pink Velvet beverages, which seem to be a hit

"Choose Yours. Pink Velvet Macchiato. I've actually had the Pink Macchiato, and it's really good,” said Drew.

Workers say it's great to be recognized for all the hard work they put into getting ready for the holiday.

"I got butterflies in my stomach,” said Angela Robinson of Chapel Hill Floral. “I was so excited. It's great. We appreciate it, and we're very excited because it's a big party today, so thank you for the party favors."

"I'm a big Dunkin' fan anyway, so that is very nice,” said Ingrid Perkins of Sunnyside Florists-Greenhouses in Bangor. “A little sweet goes a long ways when you have a have a busy day."

If you are hoping to order flowers and have not already, there is still time.

Many florists will be open early and staying open late Friday.

And, if you make a purchase at Valentine’s Day buy at Dunkin’s - you're encouraged to share it on social media using the hashtag "Say It With Donuts."