Drivers Meeting in Columbia Falls Ahead of Wreaths Across America

COLUMBIA FALLS, Maine (WABI) Remember, honor, teach.

That's the mission behind Wreaths Across America.

Some of the biggest teachers of the organization are those behind the wheels.

For three years, the driver's lounge has been the spot many of the drivers making the trip from nearby Harrington down to Arlington National Cemetery have stopped at before the journey.

"So this has has really blossomed. Where we're standing in this little quonset hut in the early days had maybe a couple of chairs, a little counter where they would give you your paper work, and you'd go off and load. It's really developed into quite something," says Don Queeney of Hampton Roads and Storage.

The driver's lounge is stocked with good food, great company...even karaoke.

It's become a tradition for the volunteers, many who've done this for years, some who are veterans themselves.

"1407 cemeteries we're delivering to this year and we're hoping to reach 1.6 million wreaths this year. It's amazing to be a part of for the family. You know, we just enjoy it so much," says Rob Worcester, transportation and logistics manager.

"There's a wide range of volunteers. There are people from large corporations that have the ability to send fleets of trucks here. Some of the drivers get paid to do so, but they're also away from their families, they're sleeping in their trucks at night, and they're participating in this endeavor. A lot of the trucking, they're spending their own money, their own fuel to get here," says Quenney.

No matter how they got here, all of the men, women, and children who are volunteering are giving their time to those who scarified theirs for this country.

"The sacrifices that people's loved ones make just so we can enjoy what we enjoy in this country, it's nothing for me to haul wreaths. Nothing at all," says Steven Meyer, truck owner and operator.