Dozens honor Corporal Eugene Cole with a softball tournament

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SIDNEY, Maine. (WABI) - Dozens of people remembering and honoring Corporal Eugene Cole in Sidney, with a softball tournament.

The Corporal was killed in the line of duty earlier this year.

"Today we have a blue lives matter softball tournament, and this year it's in memory of Corporal Cole." Explained Detective Brittany Johnson, one of the organizers.

Cleveland Brown, one of the umpires and organizer of the event, had this to say, “It’s great to see all the law enforcement officers here with their families. Wives and children playing on the same team. Great to see them in a light that you don't normally see a police officer in"

Brittany continued by saying, "I started this tournament. This is the fourth year that I've done it and I started it when it just felt like a lot of cops felt like there was pressure on them and that our lives didn't matter. So I felt like this was a good event for us to get together and again, the turnout here just goes to show that people do care about law enforcement and know that we are just humans."

"All the proceeds that the teams raise, are being donated to the Cole Family. We have some special rules in the tournament this year. We have buckets and teams are allowed one home run per game. After they hit the first home run, if they want to try to hit another one, they have to pay five dollars in into the bucket before they come up to bat and get a chance to hit a home run and have it count toward their score. And we've raised four to five hundred dollars just in home run attempts from all the teams today." Cleveland Brown told us.

"It's not just family and friends here, I've had two different companies stop by and donate towards the cause and just to see that is amazing." Explained Brittany Johnson. “I think this year we even have a bigger turnout and I think it's because of it being in memory of Corporal Cole. Everyone wants to support his family."

"Very, very pleased at the turnout. I think that what we're going to do is that we'll have an even bigger turnout next year. Getting everybody together, all in one location has been a fantastic thing.” Said Cleveland Brown.

"I think there are twelve teams in this tournament, but in reality, there's really only one team here today." Explained Ken Mason, a Sheriff of Kennebec.