Dozens call for justice while protesting in Camden in response to death of George Floyd

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CAMDEN, Maine (WABI) - People are shaken.

Others are angry and upset about the events happening across the country.

Dozens coming together in Camden Wednesday on the Village Green.

This peaceful protest is not just in response to George Floyd's death in Minneapolis.

Speakers say it's about calling for change and fighting racial inequality.

“If we don’t stand up to racism, we are no better than those cops in Minneapolis who watched George Floyd get murdered. We need to educate ourselves,” State Representative, Vicki Doudera, said.

"America is people willing to look at themselves and start over, evolve, and change. This is not pleasant in the moment, but the outcome is a better tomorrow for everyone,” Reverend James Weathersby, added.

Camden’s Police Chief, Randy Gagne, explained, "Our officers are proud of the badge they wear every day they took an oath to protect and serve all citizens and they take that oath seriously. We want to be part of the solution. “

Protestors then kneeled for nine minutes in silence in George Floyd's memory.

Then they took to the streets - marching in solidarity.