Dozens gather in Millinocket in support of deputy police chief

Published: Jun. 15, 2020 at 11:54 PM EDT
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A peaceful show of support for a local law enforcement officer in Millinocket.

It comes after the Deputy Police Chief Janet Theriault filed a complaint against Police Chief Craig Worster, claiming workplace harassment.

More than 50 people lined the sidewalks in front of the police department to show their support for Deputy Chief Janet Theriault.

According to representative Lorne Smith, with Teamsters Union 340, Theriault filed an 85-page complaint against Millinocket Police Chief Craig Worster.

Smith tells us in it, there are accusations that include a hostile work environment and workplace harassment.

We're told she has been out on unpaid leave since February.

Theriault has been with the department since 2004.

We reached out multiple times to Chief Worster and Town Manager John Davis.

Our calls and emails have not been returned.

Lorne Smith, Teamsters Local 340, said, "And for him to still be working there with the contents of what's in that complaint, it just baffles me that they would keep him working and she's the one out on unpaid leave. It just makes no sense."

"It's very difficult to be a woman in the good old boy network especially when the network may not be as honest and ethical as it should be," Paryse Thibodeau, former Millinocket resident said.

Holly Shafer added, "Janet is a dedicated community leader and she loves this town. She's really great at her job. She needs our support right now."

Chief Worster was hired in April of 2019.

Since then, Smith says 9 of 10 officers have left the department.

He also tells TV 5 the town has hired a private investigator to look into Theriault's complaint.