Downtown Bangor participates in Small Business Saturday

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Now that of Black Friday is over.

Photo courtesy MGN

Many shoppers are starting to think about shopping locally, if they haven’t already.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is known as “Small Business Saturday.”

A day where shoppers give back to the local economy.

Downtown Bangor is just one of many cities around the country who participate.

“Downtown Bangor has done a really great job of the businesses working together and coordinating to create a lot of impact and make sure that’s it’s a day that’s really full and fun, and has added features," explained Bangor Downtown Coordinator, Betsy Lundy.

More than two dozen businesses in downtown Bangor were sporting the blue and white in support of the movement.

Including the owners of Epic Sports who are thankful for the boost in foot traffic a day like Small Business Saturday brings.

“The downtown partnership and a lot of the organizations have really been pulling out all the stops this year where they have the trolley running, free all day. Community Connector is running free. So, it’s really a good chance for those who haven’t come downtown to come in and see what we have to offer," explained Matt Bishop of Epic Sports.

“I think with any business kind of the hardest thing is to get somebody out of their car," said Lundy. "But, once they park their car downtown there’s kind of a mass of businesses so, you can come down here to see one shop and then get pulled into multiple shops as you’re walking around because there really is such a great variety of shops in downtown Bangor.”

Glen Hudgens opened the doors to Antique Alley just a few months ago.

He hopes this movement will encourage shoppers to shop small year round.

“We’re all entrepreneurs here and there’s no big corporate money coming into downtown Bangor. It takes people like us who want to bring a safe environment for people to come and shop, eat, drink, and enjoy downtown, as well as seeing people that they haven’t seen in a while. It’s almost like hold home week I think sometimes," said Hudgens.